"PURITY" high-speed rail train sets off again

Following the debut of the "PURITY" named special train in Kunming, Yunnan on January 23, 2024, this time the "PURITY" special train departed again from Changsha, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other stations. China's high-speed rail is a symbol of the times, and it leads the way. The world's speed and service quality coincide with the development concept of "Purity water pumps, global standards" adhered to byPurity Pump Co., Ltd. This time Purity will sail to the north and south of the motherland on the "China Speed", and will Promote energy-saving industrial pumps into the fast lane of dissemination and development.

Relying on the mobile exhibition hall of the high-speed rail, from the car body to door stickers, posters, luggage racks, brand canopies, voice broadcasts, and LED screens, all of them display  Purity's products including fire pumps, pipeline pumps, self-priming pumps, and multi-stage pumps. The company has six major energy-saving industrial pump products, and the company has also taken advantage of the high-speed train to display the core features of its products in front of passengers: "more energy-saving, more efficient and more stable".

From participating in the drafting of national standards for centrifugal pumps, intelligent variable frequency circulating electric pumps, and vertical pipeline pumps, to obtaining honors such as Zhejiang Export Famous Brand and the National 'Specialized, Special and New' Little Giant Enterprise, the company has always implemented its energy-saving mission and won Energy-saving product certification, insisting on globally unified product quality, serving users in more than 120 countries and regions.

In addition, the company has built a large-scale water pump test bench covering an area of 5,600 square meters. The test data is connected to the national testing center and reports are issued simultaneously. It is gradually transforming from "Made in China" to "Made in China with Quality". Each water pump has changed from 0 to 1. In the process, more than 20 equipment tests such as "balance detector", "ultrasonic flaw detector" and "closed performance test system" are carried out to ensure high-quality and stable factory quality, and to make "energy-saving industrial pumps" wholeheartedly.

Purity understands that innovation and R&D are the cornerstones of sustainable corporate development. Therefore, it has established three major R&D centers around the world, carries out technical cooperation with cutting-edge scientific research institutions in energy-saving technology at home and abroad, and relies on Purity smart factories to complete the transformation of technological achievements. , to realize the technological empowerment of energy-saving industrial pumps. This time, relying on the cross-regional communication of high-speed rail,Purity will fully release the brand potential and build a new development map.